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Java Chat Rooms

With your account, you will be entitled to use as many Java Chatrooms as you wish! You can have your own personal chatroom, a chatroom for your clients, or whatever you want. Below is an example of the Java Chatroom. You can customize the chatroom colors including background, text, fonts, the name of the chatroom, the topic, and you can even put your own banner at the top of your chatroom.

Experience Java Chat now!

Features of the Java Chatroom include the following options:

  • Filter inappropriate language
  • Specify the font size, font face, and font color of the messages
  • Specify the background color of the chat message board
  • Set the topic to whatever you want
  • Set the room name to whatever you want
  • Make your chatroom public or private so people can/cannot view and/or jump to other chatrooms
  • Set the banner at the top of the chatroom to whatever you wish
  • Set the link at the top of the banner to whatever you wish

All clients of HelpQuest.Com can have as many chatrooms as they wish for no additional charge.

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