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Non-U.S. Domain Hosting Details

The following details instructions on how HelpQuest.Com can provide hosting service for your non-U.S. domain name.

We consider non-U.S. domain names to be those virtual domains that do not end with the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .edu. All other domains with different extensions, such as .br, .se, .uk, are all non-U.S. domains. Note that it does not matter at all where you are located! You can own yoursite.com and live in Brazil, but your domain is a U.S. domain name. Conversely, you might live in the U.S. but in need of hosting services for yoursite.br.

Now if your domain fits our criteria for a non-U.S. domain, then no fear, we can still provide hosting services for your website. Only the process for setting up the domain is different and you will still receive all of the features that any U.S. domain would receive.

To have HelpQuest.Com host your non-U.S. domain, please follow these directions:

First, you will need to place an order for our virtual domain website hosting service. Once you have placed an order for our service, you will then need to register/update your domain name with the appropriate organization. It is your responsibility to contact the organization responsible for registering your domain name extension (just like the InterNIC is responsible for registering domains ending in .com, .net, .org, .edu).

You will need to inform the organization that you wish for your domain to point to the following primary and secondary name servers. This information is needed so when people try to access yoursite.br, they are routed to you account at HelpQuest.Com. Here is the information you will need:

Primary DomainPrimary IP
Secondary DomainSecondary IP

So here is a summary of what you need to do to have HelpQuest.Com host your non-U.S. domain...

  1. Place an order for virtual domain website hosting with us.
  2. When you receive our e-mail notifying you that your account is active, immediately upload all of your files for your website to your HelpQuest.Com account.
  3. Notify the appropriate organization responsible for registering your non-U.S. domain extension of HelpQuest.Com's name server information as given above.

That is all you need to do to ensure your website is transferred to HelpQuest.Com without any problems or interruptions in service. At HelpQuest.Com, we understand the importance of your website to you and make this feature available so you can take advantage of the great features we offer with our hosting services. If you have any further questions regarding transferring your existing domain to HelpQuest.Com, please e-mail support@helpquest.com.

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