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Virtual Domain Website Hosting

Virtual domain website hosting comes with 350MB of webspace, domain name registration, 100 POP3 e-mail accounts, unlimited e-mail autoresponders, unlimited e-mail forwarding, FTP and Telnet access, nightly updated website statistics through HTTP-Analyze, daily, weekly or monthly statistics through Wusage, Microsoft(r) FrontPage(r) 2000, Real Audio/Video usage, and The Personal Control Panel version 3 which will automatically set up over 21 features on your account.

Check out our features glossary for clarification on any of the features outlined above. Click here to see if your virtual domain name is available.

Remember that the InterNIC will bill you $70 for your virtual domain name for the first two years and $35 per year thereafter.

Sign up now for a virtual domain account with HelpQuest.Com for only $39.95 per month plus a one-time $35.00 setup fee.

Multiple Domain Name Pointing

Multiple domain name pointing allows you to use different domains to point to the same website. Many companies use this to protect their name, and to increase exposure on the Internet.

Sign up now for a multiple domain pointing with HelpQuest.Com for only $59.95 per pointer.

Domain Name Reservation

Reserve domain names that you will be using for websites now--also reserve names you will use in the future while the names are still available. HelpQuest will help you get the names and also "park" the domain names until you wish to set up your website. HelpQuest Domains-to-Go.


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